Discover how Business Leaders

experience MORE



without BURNOUT

while elevating



It’s time to STOP Hiding in the Hustle and BE InFLOWential!

Discover how Business Leaders experience MORE



without BURNOUT

while elevating PERFORMANCE,


It’s time to STOP Hiding in the Hustle

and BE InFLOWential!

“Because Stacy helped me get clear on my boundaries, connect to myself and build my confidence, I achieved my 5-year goal in year 2 of my business!!! This year, I scaled to $9 Million over last year’s gross revenue with less effort and MORE time focused on me and my girls!

Lindsay W. - Real Estate Broker

Who is an InFLOWential Leader?

A person who elevates and inspires others to their greatness simply by BEING and LEADING themselves.

You’re a REBEL, a trailblazer, a rule breaker, inspired to follow your soul’s purpose and pave your own way to your most joyful, impactful, and abundant life.

But, you desire...

  • MORE vitality, time, and freedom!

  • TIME to enjoy the journey AND the destination!

  • CONFIDENCE so you can SHINE brighter!

  • BIGGER IMPACT through your legacy and vision!

In spite of all you’ve achieved, you can feel, deep down, a wealth of untapped power and potential calling you for MORE! 

You’re ready to SHOW UP at the next level, to go BIGGER and SHINE brighter than ever before by owning your FULL POWER!

“Working with Stacy, I not only achieved my business goals, closed on my dream home, and allowed myself to break through some pretty big barriers, but I changed the way I viewed myself. I’ve opened up to a better relationship with my daughter and new marriage, while allowing my income to scale past 7-figures."

Jennifer W. - Money Expert

You’re already super successful, just not always seeing or believing it. 

Even at the highest level, you’re still feeling drained despite having a team, unfulfilled because you’re called to go bigger, yet stuck behind a wall blocking the amazing, authentic you from creating your greatest impact.

This is about taking off the mask you wear with yourself, breaking the “rules,” embracing your inner rebel and paving your own way by unleashing your authentic Alpha energy. That means healing the deepest worthiness wounds and breaking down the WALL by owning and integrating ALL of you.

Breaking out of the generational stories and programs while healing the deepest worthiness wounds.

Ready to be the LEADER that matches your legacy, vision, and mission?

It’s time to BE InFLOWential!

You may LOVE the power of your EDGE.

Always chasing it, but activating it in unhealthy ways with procrastination and pressure.

However, your edge is not the same as being IN THE ZONE.

Activating your FLOW! That’s TRUE peak performance.

InFLOWential Programs are about optimizing your FLOW inside and out to unleash your authentic, badass, Alpha Leader. The amazingly powerful YOU that is curious, imaginative, passionate, hella smart and intuitive, and a confident conscious Leader who believes in your own success!   

You do it all with an incredible team of coaches & experts by your side.


Becoming the most extraordinary version of yourself.

No more SHOULDs, No more playing small - Because We’ve Got This!

Being CONFIDENT as the AMAZING Badass you are!!!  Balancing and integrating ALL aspects of YOU.  Being the IMPACTFUL LEADER you’re called to BE.

Implementing our Aligned Abundance Process™ and signature InFLOWential Alpha Leadership Formula.

Once you do, you’ll harness the power of your inner badass to easily reach your BIGGEST and most IMPACTFUL goals. It all comes together as you break out of the HUSTLE and allow all you desire to flow creating the life and legacy of your dreams.

An InFLOWential Alpha Leader is…

  • Highly successful & unapologetic

  • Radiates energy & confidence that elevates others

  • Empathetic & sensitive (which are superpowers for success)

  • Owns their power & identity without shame

  • Influential & impactful (you feel it when they enter a room)

  • Abundant & grateful in ALL areas

  • Deeply connected to their sensuality & pleasure

  • Healthy & fulfilling relationships

  • Balanced & creative

  • Extremely passionate & purpose-driven

  • Unconditionally loves & respects themselves

  • Aligned with their inner guidance & outer spiritual connection

Here's Our COMPREHENSIVE InFLOWential Methodology




[Life & Mindset Coaching; Mind, Body, Soul Integration; Time & Productivity Optimization]

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence.

  • Strengthen your purpose.

  • Elevate your performance.

  • Deepen your presence. 




[Leadership & Relationship Coaching; Delegation & Communication; Develop Culture & Community]

  • Deepen your relationships.

  • Leverage your leadership.

  • Enhance your communication.

  • Embody your personal brand.




[Business Consulting; Marketing Strategy & Beyond; Wealth Creation]

  • Develop better systems.

  • Scale your impact.

  • Strengthen your legacy.

  • Diversify your wealth. 

All of that, Plus...




[Experience Life, Friendship & Business with Like-Minded Leaders]

  • Build social capital.

  • Nurture your collaborations.

  • Mastermind to accelerate.

  • Support your community.

Give yourself permission to STOP doing the things that aren’t aligned for you and create YOUR VISION!

Experiencing your next level of PURPOSE, POWER, PLEASURE, and PROSPERITY requires shifting into being a true Alpha Leader who allows your success to be easy and enjoys the journey rather than the destination. We’ll help you REDEFINE your relationship with success! 

At the core, your life and leadership are a reflection of your relationship with you…what you love and judge, what you embrace and reject.  This is why we sometimes feel like an impostor rather than the Expert we are! It happens to all of us (yep, even me)! 

Despite doing lots of work in other programs, therapy, courses, masterminds, experts, and reading every book, all of that work has been compartmentalized.

Working on only one or two aspects of your life and leadership at a time. 

Compartmentalized work creates compartmentalized results which means your inner and outer world aren’t optimized for performance and profit, or freedom and fulfillment.

Reaching your highest level, means integrating ALL of you because when you’re optimized as a whole we get to experience the VITALITY, FULFILLMENT, EASE, AND JOY.  

No more doubting, overgiving, or draining your energy.  By BEING the next level of you first, you allow your next level of success to be simple and inevitable…

  • with ease, vitality, and joy

  • the REAL YOU to shining through and creating greater impact and influence

All while standing in your POWER and CONFIDENCE. 

Join our InFLOWential Alpha Leadership Experience to access:

  • A powerful, high-level process for Alpha Leaders for thoughtful guidance on where to invest your time. No more content consumption with no ROI.

  • Access to our team of experts and coaches so you always have the exact support you need at any stage of your journey.

  • Private VIP Strategic Coaching session to create your customized success path.

  • Private and Small Group Sessions focused on developing every level inside and out.

  • Quarterly in-person meetups and events to deeply connect with the InFLOWential Family of Impact-driven leaders like you.

  • Customized weekly private guidance and strategic implementation plan so you always know what to do and feel fully supported.

  • Access to the private, members-only community of other amazing leaders like you for connection and support 24/7!

Here's what to do next:


Click the button anywhere on this page. Then complete the short form to make sure we're a fit to support your goals.


You'll be forwarded to my calendar to book a Clarity Chat with our team. Pick a time you can be focused on the call.


The call will help clarify if you're aligned with our community and which program options will best support you.

This isn’t about more TIME or STRATEGY  

You’ve done enough of that in other courses and programs.  You’ll know exactly where to focus, so you create more by doing LESS!

We want your life and leadership to light you up at every level because that’s a reflection of YOU.  

Integrating ALL aspects of your identity and impact to function cohesively and holistically, allowing you to have consistent power, purpose, pleasure, and prosperity with ease and authenticity!

With InFLOWential, your path to freedom, fun, confidence, and connection becomes clear and simple.  Working together, you’ll finally experience the fulfillment and joy you’ve been craving! 

At InFLOWential, you get to become the conscious creator of your

Life, Love, Leadership, and Legacy!


“I’ve been working with Stacy for nine months now. I feel like a F*CKING BOSS and I’m ready to own this sh!t. I doubled my income in two months and now it’s 4X what it was when I started. After years of NO days off, I have days off weekly.”

Miranda Jiggins

Personal Trainer

“For myself, it was all about internal work. I recognized I needed to do something, but I had no idea what or how. Speaking to Stacy, she cared. She got me. It wasn’t another cookie-cutter program, it wasn’t her telling me I was doing everything wrong. One of the things that truly helped me was how customized her program was and it was about me rather than her.”

Suky Sodhi

Elite Global Recruiters

“Working with Stacy has been huge for me. I stand and walk taller! I’ve ACTUALLY lost weight. One of the biggest things was BOUNDARIES. We did a lot of work around holding to boundaries. As a result, I’ve doubled my income while taking Fridays off.

Julie Daley

Financial Advisor

Stop doing things that are draining your time, energy, attention, and money. Instead, redirect your focus to what brings you joy and the ROI you desire.

Get the clarity, alignment, mindset, and strategies to step into the IDENTITY of the InFLOWential Alpha Leader today.

BE, DO and HAVE IT ALL with InFLOWential.

3 reasons to become an inflowential alpha leader:

Instantly broaden your network

Differentiate yourself from everyone else

Smash glass ceilings and limited beliefs that keep

Imagine instantly feeling like family at your very first event. Our Alpha Leaders join each other live once a quarter and we’d love to have you there!

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